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Dragon's Prophet launch-day roundup

MJ Guthrie

If you love dragons, chances are you've heard about Dragon's Prophet. You might have even been soaring the skies on the back of your own scaly companion already. If you haven't, there's no time like the present to get in and experience this dragon-centric title for yourself; Dragon's Prophet officially joins the ranks of launched games today.

Of course, as much as you'd like to delve in right now you might be prevented from doing so by pesky things like work and responsibilities. That's OK -- we've got you covered if you've got to wait. We've got plenty of videos (even SUPER METAL ones), interviews, impressions pieces, and screenshots here to give you your dragon fix and tide you over until you can. You can even watch a livestreamed dev tour through the newest dungeons or a catch today's launch-day livestream at 3:00 p.m. EDT on Massively TV.

PAX Prime 2013: Dragon's Prophet adds frontier system, new zone, and mounted combat
The timer only has a few days left until Dragon's Prophet emerges from its beta cocoon and becomes a fire-breathing butterfly. Does that faze the devs?
Dragon's Prophet unleashes second SUPER METAL trailer
Want to be truly metal? We mean, really Super Metal? The secret to that is: more dragons! Dragon's Prophet released its second #SUPERMETAL trailer today, dubbed Living Metal!
SOE shows off Dragon's Prophet alliance PvP in new video
SOE has published a new Dragon's Prophet gameplay video. It focuses on the free-to-play fantasy MMO's PvP alliance matches, otherwise known as the Frontier System.
Gamescom 2013: New Dragon's Prophet trailer released
SOE has released a new Dragon's Prophet trailer to celebrate this week's Gamescom. The firm is also giving fans a sneak peek at the title's Frontier system.
Gotta tame 'em all: Dragon's Prophet open beta impressions
Ever since SOE announced its latest free-to-play MMORPG, Dragon's Prophet, it's been clear that the game aimed to break some molds. Eschewing the commonplace tab-target combat system, Dragon's Prophet looks to meld action-packed brawler-style combat with the completionist's paradise (or nightmare, depending on your perspective) of Pokemon-esque creature collection, and in fact the whole game hinges on this somewhat strange combination.
SOE Live 2013: Dragon's Prophet on what makes it so metal
One of the more eye-raising moments this weekend at SOE Live came when President John Smedley showed off the newest trailer for Dragon's Prophet.
First major Dragon's Prophet content update coming next week
Sony Online Entertainment's latest free-to-play offering, Dragon's Prophet, has been in open beta for about a month now, and that means it's about time for more content, right?
Beat the heat with new Dragon's Prophet Wintertide screenshots
At E3 we were introduced to Wintertide, a new land coming in the next big beta content patch for Dragon's Prophet. With constant harsh weather in the endless tundras, dense forests, and sky-scraping mountains, adventurers will brave bitter cold when traversing the wilds of Wintertide.
E3 2013: Dragon's Prophet impressions from open beta to now
I don't have any strong love of dragons. I don't really hate them, usually, aside from the fact that I've killed far too many to get excited about it, but I've never looked at one and thought, "I wanna collect that like I would a Pokemon!
E3 2013: Dragon's Prophet's PvP, raids, and housing
Los Angeles is certainly swarming with a variety of citizenry this week, from zombies to superheroes to martial artists. Even dragons have been spotted!
Latest Dragon's Prophet trailer is SUPER METAL
Have you ever been going about your day-to-day business and found yourself wondering, "Is this metal or not?" If so, then the latest Dragon's Prophet trailer may have some useful information for you.
Story trailers spotlight two Dragon's Prophet EU zones
Dragon's Prophet launched into open beta yesterday on both sides of the pond, and players are jumping into the world of Auratia to try their hand at domesticating the various dragon-kind.
Massively's Dragon's Prophet first impressions
I don't have many fond memories from Runes of Magic. I didn't play it long, and the thing I recall most vividly is being forced to hunt around Runewaker's cash shop for an item that would let me talk in global chat.
GDC 2013: Dragon's Prophet demo and hands-on
Last fall, Runewaker and SOE announced Dragon's Prophet, a free-to-play fantasy game focused on -- you guessed it -- dragons. Since then, we've been treated to various videos detailing the classes, the starter zones, and other gameplay.
Dragon's Prophet character classes trailer released
Runewaker's Dragon's Prophet came to our attention last year as SOE signed on to publish the title in North America. This week, the game is gearing up for a closed beta test in its native Taiwan.
SOE Live 2012: Dragon's Prophet invigorates sandbox hopes
While I can't exactly say that the best report was saved for last (there was so much awesome at SOE Live 2012), I will say the Dragon's Prophet announcement was the most unexpected exciting news of the weekend.

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