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iOS 7: The little things

Mel Martin

With all the big changes in iOS 7, it's fun to look at some of those little, subtler things that have been added. Here are a few quick examples.

Although it may not be a big deal to many people, I really appreciate that the image on the lock screen is now full-screen and not placed between black borders.

The Clock app icon now shows real time, complete with a moving second hand, rather than a fixed time as it did in all previous iOS versions. Unfortunately, Apple went in the other direction with Weather's icon: the current fixed temperature has been replaced with an image of a sun and clouds.

The Compass app also has some nice changes. The flat redesign is appealing, and you can swipe the compass screen to get a built-in level. It's great for straightening pictures on the wall!

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Folders have greater capacity now. Under iOS 6, you could place 16 apps in a folder. With iOS 7, I could place all the apps on my phone in one folder, although that would be a terrible idea. iOS 7 lets you have nine apps per page and 14 pages in a folder -- that's 126 apps in each folder. You can't, however, have folders inside folders (unless you count Newsstand as a folder).

Also subtle -- but helpful -- is the little blue dot next to an app name if the app has never been opened. It's a handy reminder if you download apps and then forget to check them out.

Finally, here is a really subtle change. When you lock the phone, or unlock it, the screen quickly fades in and out. It's no longer an instant black screen or an appearance of the home screen; instead there's a polished transition between the two.

There are a lot of other nice features you'll discover as you use iOS 7. It's a big change from what has come before and some of the little, less dramatic changes are not earth-shaking, but make using the new iOS a really satisfying experience.

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