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iTunes 11.1 is available


The latest version of iTunes is now available for download. iTunes 11.1 provides Mac users with the ability to listen to iTunes Radio, Apple's new streaming radio service. There are over 250 pre-set stations to choose from, and users can create their own stations by simply entering the name of a favorite artist or song.

Genius Shuffle is another new 11.1 feature, providing a way to hear songs that "go great together." Each click of the Genius Shuffle button starts up a fresh shuffle of tunes so you can hear something new.

Are you a fan of podcasts? You can create "Podcast Stations" of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with each new episode. All stations, subscriptions and current play positions sync through iCloud to the iOS Podcasts app.

Lastly, iTunes can be used to Sync music, movies and other media to devices running iOS 7.

At publication time, the update did not appear in the Mac App Store, but could be downloaded directly from the iTunes Web page.

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