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UK celebrates National StreetPass Day on September 28


3DS aficionados in the UK looking to gorge themselves on the StreetPasses of strangers will find a veritable smorgasbord later this month. Nintendo has declared Saturday, September 28 to be National StreetPass Day in the UK, and will host a couple of gatherings for folks to come and exchange Miis.

The two meet-ups will be held at Waterloo Station in London and Manchester Piccadilly. There, Nintendo representatives will set up games, give out prizes and generally attempt to keep the rambunctious lot corralled. The Eurogamer Expo, which will be held that weekend in Earls Court, London, will also have special StreetPass Day stands to celebrate the new national holiday.

3DS Streetpass is a built-in feature of the 3DS that allows users, when in close proximity to one another, to exchange content while the handheld is in sleep mode. Game-specific Streetpass functionality also exists – for example, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Streetpasses allow you to visit strangers' homes in a specific part of town, through which you can then order furniture.

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