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Phiaton launches new Fusion and Chord headphones for the audiophile set


Sennheiser, Klipsch, Phiaton... what is it about audio brands that don't easily roll off the tongue? It's the latter that interests us today, of course, after announcing two new sets of headphones for those who are serious about sound. The Chord MS 530 is a pair of beautifully designed Bluetooth 4.0 apt-X cans that pack active noise cancellation alongside dual microphones and 40mm titanium drivers. Rated for between 18-30 hours of battery life, the Chord will launch on October 8th for $350. If, however, that's a bit rich for your blood, then the company is also launching the Fusion MS 430, which has been cast in lightweight carbon fiber and offers a pair of tangle-free leads and 40mm drivers, and a foldable design. The Fusion will launch on October 1st for $180, and so while you wait for Autumn to set in, check out the press gallery below.

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Phiaton's Carbon-Fiber MS 430 M-Series Headphones Fuse Exceptional Sound, Durability and Stunning Design

Premium Headphone Company debuts Lightweight, Carbon-Fiber Fusion MS 430 Headphones at Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular

NEW YORK CITY, NY (September 19, 2013) – Phiaton Corporation, a premium manufacturer of high-performance personal audio products, introduces the latest over-ear headphones to join the boldly styled M-Series, the Fusion MS 430.

This new addition encompasses the past, present and future of the Moderna Series" said James Baik, President of Phiaton, "Every detail in the Fusion MS 430 Headphones was skillfully combined, fusing together brilliant materials and sound technology to deliver a powerful, aesthetic and resilient headphone."

The intricately detailed, Fusion MS 430 heaphones feature brilliant aluminum and red accents along with Phiaton's signature carbon graphite fiber design. In addition to creating a unique, visually appealing style, the carbon graphite material is lightweight and extremely durable, encased in a high polymer enclosure that delivers improved resonance, with deep rich bass, a full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes.

Other Features include:

• 40mm drivers feature an optimized vibration system that adds extra emphasis on high frequency clarity
• Oversized Neodymium magnets providing rich, commanding bass that compliments all music genres.
• Fold and Go Design makes them compact, light, and easily foldable
• Two Tangle Free 'OFC' Cables, one with an in-line microphone and volume controls.
The Fusion MS 430 Headphones will be available beginning October 1st, 2013 for $179. They will be on display from 6 PM – 10 PM this evening at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City at the Phiaton booth.


Leave Wires and Unwanted Noise Behind with Phiaton's Chord MS 530 Bluetooth, Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Debuting today at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular, Phiaton introduces an over-ear model that blocks out 98% of background noise and offers wireless freedom with Bluetooth 4.0 technology

NEW YORK CITY, NY (September 19, 2013) – Phiaton's latest addition ensures that nothing will come between you and your music, eliminating wires and ambient background noise in one shot with its Chord MS 530 Headphones.

"We're effectively eliminating the need for more than one pair of headphones" said James Baik, President of Phiaton "with the Chord MS 530, you get incredible sound quality, active noise-cancellation, the flexibility of wireless Bluetooth technology and an unrivaled design that stands apart from competitors."

The Chord MS 530 Headphones employ active noise-cancelling technology, allowing users to listen without outside disturbances, eliminating 98% of ambient background noise. Paired up with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, users are able to listen wirelessly, experiencing improved sound quality, increased range and extended battery life. Additionally the apt-X technology increases digital streaming efficiency and improves the overall dynamic range.

With 18-30 hours of talk/listening time, users will be able to enjoy their music throughout a long work day, flight or commute. They'll also never need to remove the headphones as the MS 530s include a dual-microphone for making and receiving calls, using clear voice capture to separate the user's voice from surrounding background noise. Additionally, Phiaton's Everplay-X technology ensures that you can continue listening to music even if the battery runs out or if Bluetooth is restricted or unavailable.

"Frequent fliers will love these headphones" said James Baik, "The Chord MS 530s can be used as a day-to-day Bluetooth headset then converted into hard-wired noise-cancelling headphones aboard a plane to comply with airline Bluetooth restrictions."

In addition to the Chord's wide-range of useful features, Phiaton has also ensured the top-notch sound quality that Phiaton users have come to expect. Phiaton's 40mm Titanium Driver Technology provides amazing sound reproduction. By adding a coat of titanium to the driver unit, the sound quality is enhanced, with deep rich bass and added sonic presence.

The Chord Headphones will be available beginning October 8th, 2013 for $349. They will be on display from 6 PM – 10 PM this evening at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City at the Phiaton booth.

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