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Dollar Store Accessories: Headphones


What can one say about dollar store headphones. Seriously?

They cost a dollar and noise comes out of them.

Honestly, if you are in a bind -- say your real headset has died and every other store in the city has been closed and there's about to be a power outage and your iPhone with its remaining batteries is going to be the only entertainment you have for the next 72 hours -- then these "stereo" (sometimes) headphones will be... fine.

Okay, maybe by "fine," I overstate the case a tiny bit. Let me try again.

In testing, I found that sound came out of them, often on both sides. They weren't horribly uncomfortable. And for some reason, they optimistically include extra ear puffs -- not as if the headphones would ever last long enough for them to be used.

And that's about all you can say about the dollar store headphones.

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