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iOS 7 and the 'death of textures'


When Tim Cook said that iOS 7 marks the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone, he wasn't kidding. If you've been able to download iOS 7 without any hiccups, you've undoubtedly noticed that iOS 7 looks different, way different.

With Scott Forstall out of the mix, Jony Ive was put in charge of the look and feel of iOS and the end result is a flatter and arguably cleaner interface that does away with many of the textures users may have grown accustomed to with previous iterations of iOS. In short, iOS 7 is a whole lot flatter than its predecessor.

Examining this significant shift in design, Ars Technica put together an extensive gallery highlighting a number of instances where Apple opted for a completely texture-less existence, one devoid of drop shadows, gradients and other visual cues.

In one example below, we see that the new implementation of Passbook is completely shadowless.

iOS 7 and the 'death of textures'

I, for one, think Apple has taken things a bit too far. While I understand that drowning in skeuomorphism isn't beneficial, I also think that running in the completely opposite direction isn't a more advantageous implementation.

Overall, Ars is correct in noting that iOS 7 has brought with it the "death of textures." Oddly enough, one app some folks here at TUAW noted retained a slight semblance of texture is the Reminders app.

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