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iOS 7 lock screen vulnerability reported, and here's how to fix it (Updated)


It took less than 24 hours for someone to find a way to break through iOS 7's passcode feature, and wouldn't you know it: the new Control Center is to blame. By going through a rather simple series of swipes and taps, a user can bypass the lock screen on some iOS 7 devices. You start in the Control Center, switch to the Timer, then double-tap the home button which lets you access the multitasking feature, allowing you to browse apps without having to unlock the device.

I say "some" because there's a rather simple tweak you can perform that will prevent someone from using this nasty trick on your own iPhone or iPad: Simply go to Settings -> Control Center and toggle the "Access on Lock Screen" option to "off." Ta-da! You're safe!

Update: Apple is working on a fix.

Update 2: According to multiple reports, accessing the multitasking menu through the Timer glitch only produces blank screenshots, but using the glitch while in the Camera app gets the job done.

[via Forbes]

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