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ReviewTimes tracks average Apple App Stores review times


Releasing an app is stressful. Once you've got a great idea, you need to start the development process of getting the art, code and text in order. And when that's done, and your shiny new app is ready for release, you face the review process, which is largely just a waiting game. How many days will you wait to find out if your app has been approved? Good news: now there's a way to find out.

Shiny Development is helping out with ReviewTimes, a site that roughly tracks the average time an app waits for Apple to review it for both the iOS and Mac App Stores. Using crowdsourced data from iOS and Mac developers on Twitter, the site provides an average of how long developers are waiting to get approval.

Developers submit their data by tweeting their latest review time with either #iosreviewtime or #macreviewtime. As of press time, the average iOS App Store wait time was seven days based on 425 reviews in the past 14 days, while the Mac App Store was averaging a five-day wait based on 28 reviews in the past 30 days.

The site is by no means a scientific measure of the actual wait time, but it's a nice resource for developers who are sweating out the wait for approval. At least you'll know how long other developers are sweating alongside you.

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