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Wander winds its way to the PS4

MJ Guthrie

At PAX Prime, players who yearned for more to a game than just combat were treated to a glimpse of a game that doesn't even have combat. Aptly named Wander, this game's focus is on collaborative exploration and discovery. Currently the game runs on Linux, PC, and OS X, but today Creative Director Loki Davison announced that the Oculus Rift-supporting title will be available on the PlayStation 4.

What can players expect when wandering in Wander? Explorable land totals 64 square kilometres
so far and players will start off as a giant tree exploring a rainforest. Throughout their journeys, they can morph into a total of five different forms: Ent, Polynesian Elf Girl, Griffon, Azertash (sea creature), and Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). You can get a taste of the world in the gallery below.

Gallery: Wander | 12 Photos

[Source: Wander Game press release]

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