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You Don't Know Jack gets reinvented for iOS with group gaming sessions in mind (video)


If you're of a certain age, you think of You Don't Know Jack as a relic from the '90s. But to its credit, the trivia game has made an impressively smooth transition to the twenty-first century: Jackbox Games already has apps for iOS, Android, Facebook and even OUYA. Until now, though, gameplay's been about as asynchronous as a game of Words With Friends: you took your turn and waited for your friend (wherever they were) to take theirs. Today, the company launched You Don't Know Jack Party, an iOS version of the game that's specifically meant to be played by a bunch of people hanging out in the same place. Using AirPlay, you guys can stream it to an Apple TV and use your device as a remote, or you can play on an iPhone / iPad and use your phones as controllers instead.

The nice thing, obviously, is that multiple devices are supported (up to four players, to be precise). Also, your friends with Android phones can still use their handsets as controllers, so they won't be left calling out answers on the sidelines. In addition, Jackbox says it would like to port the game over to other platforms, including Android and maybe even Chromecast. For now, though, it's an iOS-only affair. The app itself is free, and you get one gratis episode, but after that you're looking at regular in-app purchases ($2.99 for five episodes or $9.99 for a pack of 30). Luckily for you, our demo video below don't cost a thing.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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