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CCP clarifies EVE terms of service changes again


You may remember that about a week ago CCP incurred the ire of many fans by rewording EVE Online's Terms of Service, which according to many threatened to put a stranglehold on players hoping to scam some chumps by impersonating another player. Well, as part of the ongoing madness/dialogue between players and CCP, the studio has posted a clarification on the game's official site.

Specifically, the post clarifies that "the purpose of the ToS update was to pull bits of existing policy into a prominent place where everyone would be able to see it, rather than requiring players to dig through EULA and Naming Policy to fully understand all the rules regarding impersonation." The post goes on to dig through the history of CCP's policies on impersonation from the beginning and the changes they have undergone since. You can find all those nitty-gritty details in the official post, but the takeaway from CCP seems to be that the only thing that has changed is the wording of the terms of service and that CCP will continue to handle cases of impersonation in the same way it has in the past. If you want to read the whole statement for yourself, just click on through the link below.

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