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iOS 7: See the timestamp on every Messages bubble


With iOS 7 officially out of the bag, there is no shortage of tips coming in highlighting many of the new tweaks users can expect to see in Apple's new mobile OS.

One particularly welcome addition to iOS 7 is the ability to view timestamps for individual text messages. To do so, simply swipe to the left while in a conversation view and timestamps appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

As an example, here's what a typical iMessage conversation might look like.

IOS 7 See the timestamp on every Messages bubble

With a quick swipe to the left, I can now see at which time each individual message was sent. This is a great new feature seeing as how previous versions of iOS would often group together messages, sent many minutes apart, under the same timestamp.

IOS 7 See the timestamp on every Messages bubble

Note that this feature works for iMessages and texts sent via SMS as well.

As a comical aside as we head into the weekend, does anyone recognize the "Venus de milo gummy bear" reference from above?

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