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Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Katie Cotton and Eddy Cue visit Apple Stores for iPhone launch


It's a big day for Apple as the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s finally hit stores after months of buzz. People lined up early, stores were packed and fans were excited. But just because the phone has launched doesn't mean Apple's executives are glued to their desks. Accordingly, CEO Tim Cook and vice presidents Eddy Cue, Katie Cotton and Phil Schiller decided to hit the pavement along with their customers.

Cook was spotted at the Downtown Palo Alto Apple store by an ABC News reporter, talking to people waiting in line for the new phones.

#TimCook at Palo Alto store. He even took a picture with a customer with (what else?).. an iPhone.

- Matt Keller (@MattKellerABC7) September 20, 2013

Meanwhile Schiller and Cue made their way to the Stanford store to greet fans, before being joined by Cook and Cotton.

So Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue are here at the Stanford store

- Salim Hafid (@sqreone) September 20, 2013

Tim Cook and Katie Cotton have arrived at Stanford

- Salim Hafid (@sqreone) September 20, 2013
Former CEO Steve Jobs would occasionally visit an Apple Store on an important launch day. It's nice to see that tradition continue in his absence.

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