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Hands-on with Sony's lighter, slimmer PlayStation Vita

Jordan Mallory

Sony's recently announced remodel of the PlayStation Vita (the PCH-2000) was both on-hand and in-hand during this week's Tokyo Game Show proceedings, and after having spent some time with the device we can directly confirm that yes, this new unit is indeed a slimmer, lighter Vita.

We didn't notice an astonishing difference between the 2000's LCD screen and the last model's OLED display, nor did holding the thing feel tremendously different, save for its aforementioned svelteness. Face buttons did feel slightly more raised, but whether that was a design change or simply the byproduct of holding a crisp new unit is uncertain. The new Vita will be available in Japan for ¥19,929 on October 10 – no announcements have been made as to availability in other territories.

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