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iPhone 5s ship times get pushed back to October


Following in the footsteps of most of the world, shipping times for orders placed this weekend for the iPhone 5s have fallen to October. Unlike the rest of the world, where ship times for the 5s began at 7-10 days, it was only 1-3 days in the US. However, those ship times slipped to 7-10 days as Friday's launches got underway, and now Apple's online store simply says "October" for any iPhone 5s orders placed this weekend.

Interest for the iPhone 5s has been incredibly strong since the phone went on sale. Part of that is that it's Apple's latest iPhone, but another reason could be because supplies are extremely limited, reportedly due to manufacturing bottlenecks. The iPhone 5c, which has been well received by critics and fans, still ships within 24 hours for orders placed in the US.

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