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Embers of Caerus September update details explorable demo and team changes

Shawn Schuster

Forsaken Studios has released its September development update video this weekend for Embers of Caerus, and in it, we get details on a new community manager, some issues the team is having with funding, and the upcoming exploration demo that's in the works with a new engine.

As technical director Dave Belcher explains in the video, the investment hurdle merely means that the team will need to step it up a bit to show off more of what the game is at this point, with the possibility of more crowd funding in the future. Belcher explains that the game will be moving from Havok's Vision engine to the Unity engine (temporarily) for new prototypes, which should help show potential investors (both large and small) what the game is all about.

Check out the entire 18-minute video just after the jump for more on what the team has been up to in the last few busy months.

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