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Get your free EverQuest II heroic character starting October 1

Jef Reahard

SOE is putting the finishing touches on EverQuest II's heroic characters, according to a new producer's letter from Holly Longdale. The pre-leveled toons are designed to allow EQII players to get together from the get-go, whether those players are former Norrathians daunted by the level 95 cap or high-level players who don't want to repeat low-level content with their newbie friends.

"The goal is to provide a fun and easy option for existing and returning players to play or experiment with our characters and have immediate access to high-level content," Longdale explains.

Beginning on October 1st, the Hero's Call event will allow players to create a heroic character for free. After the event ends on the 15th, HCs will be available from the cash shop. Full details are yours via the links below.

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