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No, iOS 7 does not make your phone magically waterproof


Ah, the merry pranksters of the interwebs: your gleeful enthusiasm for messing with people shall never fade. It seems some of the jokers on Reddit and other corners of the web have taken it upon themselves to convince other people -- perhaps slightly less technically savvy -- that among iOS 7's many new features is a resistance to immersion in water.

No, really. See the impressive graphic above. That took some effort.

As pointed out in a few places, the idea that a software update could magically bestow water resistance on hardware is a bit farfetched, but unfortunately that didn't stop some folks from going ahead and testing it out. Ouch.

So that there's no confusion: this is false. It is fake. It is a hoax. iOS 7 does not make your phone water-resistant. Have a nice Monday!

Thanks, Oscar!

[Want to help your friends and family learn the real story about the new iPhone OS? Send them a link to our Don't Panic Guide to iOS 7. -- Ed.]

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