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NYPD handing out flyers asking people to upgrade to iOS 7


If you're in New York City the next time a cop stops you, he may want you to...update your iPhone to iOS 7. According to a flurry of reports on Twitter, NYC police are handing out fliers (one pictured above from @jimrosenberg and another pictured below from @Hoffm) asking people to upgrade to iOS 7.

From first glance, the fact that New York City's finest are handing out fliers promoting Apple's latest iOS might seem like a huge marketing win (and / or brainwashing initiative) by Apple. But because mobile phones are now the number one item stolen in large cities, taking a proactive approach to helping users know about the security advantages of the latest iOS is actually in the police's favor. As AllThingsD points out, iOS 7 features a new tool called Activation Lock that requires the phone's Apple ID and password to be entered before it can be erased or before Find My iPhone has been deactivated.

So if you haven't upgraded to iOS 7, do it now -- police's orders.

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