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Rogue Legacy for Mac and Linux 'very close', upcoming patch adds more content


Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux offspring are suffering from chronic lateness, but that should soon be at an end. Developer Cellar Door Games says it's "very close" to being done with the ports, which it had to outsource.

"We're still working on another patch for Rogue Legacy. It hit a few snags, but we really want to get some extra content out for those people who are interested," Teddy Lee of Cellar Door Games told us. "And we've also been discussing what our future project is going to be, but we haven't gone forward with anything just yet."
The Mac and Linux versions may be delayed slightly again if Cellar Door decides to incorporate the latest content patch before launch.

Lee tells us sales of Rogue Legacy have been better than expected, which has also caused slowdown as they attempt to get the business side of their house in order. Mo' money, mo' problems, y'all. He added, "We're pretty sure word of mouth about our game has been one of the biggest reasons that it's been selling as well as it has. It's actually done well enough that we can start up our next project without worrying about finances so much, which is pretty amazing!"

Beyond Mac and Linux ports, Rogue Legacy has been announced for "all Sony platforms."

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