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This week's ESO AMA is all about the lore


It's time again for the folks at ZeniMax Online to answer questions from the Elder Scrolls Online mailbag, and today's Ask Us Anything entry revolves primarily around the lore of ESO and how it ties in with existing Elder Scrolls canon. According to the post, famous Elder Scrolls landmarks like the Adamantine Tower and the city of Orsinium are present in the world of ESO, though they may appear different than they did in previous games.

The post also discusses why orcs, normally isolationist in nature, would want to join the Daggerfall Covenant. Apparently, doing so is the orcs' best shot at establishing their own state. One interesting gameplay tidbit is also revealed; ZeniMax had this to say on the subject of Manes:
The selection and accession of a new Mane is, in fact, one of the key events in which players can get involved in northern Valenwood and western Elsweyr. How is a new Mane chosen and accepted? You'll get to see for yourself.
If you're a fan of Elder Scrolls lore, the full post is worth a read. This is the 20th Ask Us Anything ZeniMax has posted; previous AMAs have covered everything from stealth mechanics to PvP. New AMAs go up every two weeks.

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