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Bling Bling: It's Saints Row 4 on Amazon Gold Box


Today's Amazon Gold Box wants to make sinners out of those who've abstained from Saints Row 4, the daily deal whittling it down to a lustworthy $37.49 on Xbox 360 and PS3, and $29.99 on PC. If that can't tempt you into buying Volition's latest sandbox of insanity, maybe a $70 Wub Wub or $90 GOTG edition will push you over the edge.

Otherwise, you'll want to keep an eye on Lightning Deals today, given how this morning's Muramasa Rebirth discount was quickly gobbled up. Highlights include $50 worth of Amazon credit with a Xbox 360 purchase (6AM PT/9AM PT), BioShock Infinite (12PM PT/3PM ET), and a whole bunch of Skylanders deals towards the end of the day.

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