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Get a free side of PS4 with your Crunchwrap Supreme


Sony is giving away some PlayStation 4 consoles in a deal with Taco Bell running from September 26 to November 10, five days before the system officially launches. From these dates, every PS4-branded Big Box or $5 Buck Box will come with a code to text in and potentially win a PS4 prize pack including the console, a one-year membership to PlayStation Plus and a copy of Knack. There's a winner every 15 minutes, the program promises.

Last year, Sony ran a similar campaign before the Vita launched, but with three options to win, including playing a mobile mini-game or embarrassing yourself in a video online.

"Following the positive response from the gaming community for the PS Vita campaign last year, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Taco Bell to tap into the excitement as we prepare to launch PS4 on November 15," SCEA Senior VP of Brand Marketing Guy Longworth said.

So gear up for some gobbling and ... OK, we tried to get through this without mentioning it, but is that $5 box really called the "Five dollar buck box?" Really? That seems awfully convoluted for a company that prides itself on speed.

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