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'Lone Survivor Director's Cut' brings creepy survival to PS3, Vita today


Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut isn't just a port of the 2012 survival horror game for PC and Mac – it's a completely revamped experience with new locations, items, music, trophies and dialogue, and two brand new endings, among many other updates. It's out today as a Cross Buy, Cross Play title for PS3 and Vita, for $13.

Lone Survivor is Jasper Byrne's psychological survival adventure game that allows players to choose the method of their madness: Shoot everything that goes bump in the dark or sneak around quietly to escape the ravaged city; stay healthy with food or pills; seek out other survivors or go it alone. The Director's Cut will launch on PC and Mac, via Steam and the game's store, as soon as Byrne completes the port.

"It will be out as soon as I can physically do it," Byrne says. "It will take time as it's not a simple port, but it is my next priority and I will have more news about this soon."

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