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PSN Tuesday: FIFA 14, Girl Fight, free Rayman Origins on PS Plus


This week's PSN update has been issued, offering a fresh cornucopia of digital wares for your leisurely consumption. Both FIFA 14 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 are available for download, though only the former is available across multiple platforms: PS3, PS Vita (a re-skin) and PSP. Kung-Fu Factory's Girl Fight steps into the PSN ring today and The Mark of Kri joins the ranks of PS2 Classics.

PS Plus members can download a free copy of Rayman Origins on the PS Vita today. The routine round of discounts have also been extended to PS Plus, with this week's deals highlighting Limbo, Worms Revolution and more. Price drops have also been extended to Dead Space 3 and pretty much the entire Assassin's Creed series – all of which you can pore over in the full list over on the PlayStation Blog.

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