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Some amazing slow-mo videos shot with the iPhone 5s


The camera software in iOS 7 coupled with the iPhone 5s hardware really goes a long ways toward making even the most amateur photographer / videographer seem like a pro.

The slo-mo video feature available with the iPhone 5s is a perfect representation of this. CNET today put together a list of some of the best iPhone 5s slow-motion videos to hit the web. I've since augmented that list with some YouTube searching of my own and it's clear that people are going to be having a whole lot of fun with this feature.

So without further ado, below are some of the more interesting, cute and funny iPhone 5s slo-mo clips to surface thus far.

Now THIS is how you make a slow-mo video.

Jumping on a trampoline has never seemed so easy.

Here's a cool shot of a plane flying in for a landing.

And some cool BMX trickery, similar to what Apple showed off during its iPhone media event.

And some people? Well, some people just have skills.

You can't get skills, however, without a whole lot of practice.

This squirrel seems to be living the good life.

And finally, this cat is the Dikembe Mutombo and Michael Jordan of the animal world all rolled up into one.

If there are any slo-mo videos that we missed, please drop 'em in the comments below.

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