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Stardock lawsuits reach settlement, dismissed with prejudice


Two lawsuits concerning Sins of a Solar Empire publisher Stardock have been dismissed, Kotaku reports. One lawsuit, from the company's former marketing manager Alexandra Miseta, accused Stardock CEO Brad Wardell of sexual harassment. The other lawsuit came from Stardock against Miseta, alleging that she stole and destroyed company materials when she quit in 2010. Both suits were filed around the same time and went public last year.

Miseta and Wardell reached a settlement and the lawsuits have been dismissed with prejudice, meaning they can't be re-opened. No money was exchanged in the settlement, but one condition was that Miseta write a letter of apology to Wardell. In the letter, Miseta apologized for bringing the lawsuit against Wardell and said it was not her intention to delete data from her computer.

Wardell said he and Miseta agreed to drop their cases in exchange for her written apology. "Once we've received that, we feel vindicated," he said.

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