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Apple announces tour schedule for iOS 7 Tech Talks


Apple announced back in April that it would be hitting the road this fall with Tech Talks, a likely response to the overwhelming interest in WWDC 2013, which sold out in mere minutes.

Apple touts the benefits of its Tech Talk event as follows:

Get in-depth guidance about developing for iOS 7, learn practical coding tips and obtain valuable one-on-one programming and design assistance in our lab.

As expected, the Tech Talks tour will be hitting big cities across the world. There are two parts to the Tech Talks: an App Developer track and a Game Developer track. Note that developers can attend either track, but not both.

You can head over here to Apple's developer page to apply, and if WWDC 2013 is any indication, you'll want to apply ASAP!

The blurb regarding the App Developer track reads:

Reimagine your apps on iOS 7 and take advantage of the new multitasking APIs, dynamic motion, iBeacon and much more.

The blurb regarding the Game Developer track reads:

Harness iOS 7 technologies in your games and get immersed in Sprite Kit, OpenGL ES, Game Controllers and Game Center.

The schedule for the upcoming Tech Talks is listed below.

App Developer Day:

San Francisco -- Tuesday, October 8

New York -- Tuesday, October 15

Tokyo -- Wednesday, November 6

Shanghai -- Tuesday, November 12

Berlin -- Thursday, December 12

London -- Tuesday, December 17

Game Developer Day:

San Francisco -- Tuesday, October 9

New York -- Tuesday, October 16

Tokyo -- Wednesday, November 7

Shanghai -- Tuesday, November 13

Berlin -- Thursday, December 13

London -- Tuesday, December 18

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