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Apple HQ could have Google deliver them some iPads, and I hope they do


Today, Google announced that its Google Shopping Express service -- which will run to select area stores, take care of your shopping list and then deliver the items to your doorstep -- is now available to virtually all of San Francisco as well as a huge chunk of the peninsula all the way down to, and including, San Jose. You pay a small fee for your delivery depending on how large your order is, but overall it seems like a very convenient service... even if you work at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.

Based on Google's current coverage area for the service, only part of Cupertino is eligible for delivery, but after searching for Apple's address -- 1 Infinite Loop -- we discovered that it is indeed covered. Apple isn't usually known for pranking, unless you count a bit of rickrolling, but if I were Tim Cook, I'd make a Shopping Express list of a few iPads and a dozen iPods from Office Depot Target. Then, when the driver(s) arrive with the items, tell them they can keep it all to share with their coworkers back at home base.

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