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AppleCare+ purchasers can now get repairs and replacements while traveling abroad


If you've purchased AppleCare+ for your iPad, iPod or iPhone, you can now get repairs and replacements while you're traveling abroad -- as long as Apple sells AppleCare+ in the country you are in. AppleCare+ for iOS devices extends the limited warranty on those devices to two years from the original purchase date. It also allows the owner up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, with each incident costing an additional service fee of US$29-79 per device for repair or replacement, depending on what iOS device you have.

The news that AppleCare+ now covers owners abroad is sure to be welcome by many frequent travelers. However, do note that your device will not be covered by AppleCare+ in a country that does not sell that device (even if AppleCare+ is sold in that country). An example of when something like this may occur is if you are visiting Brazil with a CDMA iPhone 5. CDMA iPhones are not sold in Brazil -- although other iPhones are -- so damage or other warranty needs would not be covered by your AppleCare+ plan in that country.

[via TechCrunch]

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