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Breakfast Topic: Have you suffered from meter abuse?

I wrote an article the other day about the right and wrong ways to use healing meters, and a fellow twitterer responded to my tweet with a tale of healing meter-related woe.

And I thought the WoW Insider readership would be a good place to ask for more meter-related melancholy. To get the ball rolling, I'll share one of my own. This was back in Cataclysm, when Dragon Soul had just launched LFR into the unexpecting populace. I was running the raid for gear on my priest, who was discipline, back before discipline was cool. I loved disc, still do, never played holy, and one of the things I loved was Atonement. So I used it a lot.

In this one LFR, thanks to my decent gear, and disc's meter strengths, I was top of the healing charts. I was also 15th for for DPS, and a warrior said "kick Lumius, they're listed as healer but DPSing". And he linked DPS. I tried to explain myself, but the vote-kick had already begun. A druid linked healing, but to no avail. I was back in Stormwind without so much as a by your leave. Thanks, meters.

So share your tales of woe. They don't have to have a healing flavor, anything you like. Have you suffered from meter abuse?

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