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iOS 7 beats up on Android, Windows Phone in user experience comparison


A new report by technology consultants Pfeiffer Consulting has found that iOS significantly outranks Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry phones in user experience satisfaction. Pfeiffer didn't want user "fan" bias entering into the equation, so the company only looked at "aspects that have a direct impact on the day-to-day user experience of an average, non-technical user."

The results show that Apple's iOS 6 and iOS 7 best the other operating systems in all four main categories: cognitive load, efficiency, customization and user experience friction. The results, according to Pfeiffer:

The combined results of the four different benchmarks and evaluations give iOS 7 a clear advantage in terms of overall user experience, taking into account the context defined for these benchmarks: day-to-day user experience of an average, non-technical user.

If you're interested in studies such as this, the entire report is worth a read. It also demonstrates more good news for Apple and its newest iOS version.

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