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Substantial Scrolls update adds new modes next month


A substantial update for Scrolls, the collectible card game from Minecraft developer Mojang, is in the works and slated to drop sometime next month. The patch will extend customization options, add a new mode called Judgment, toss in some spectator tools and top it all off with over 40 new Scrolls to unfurl.

In Judgment, players create a deck of cards (or Scrolls) from a randomized set and engage in five different competitive matches. Based on your performance over those five matches, you'll then receive a corresponding reward. The mode is designed to level the playing field between expert and more novice spellcasters. Spectator mode allows players to watch their friends matches.

Scrolls launched its premium beta back in June. Interested parties looking to buy into the beta can currently access the game for $20 through the game's official site.

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