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Burner overhauls its app for iOS 7, improves calling and texting


Ad Hoc Labs today updated Burner, its popular disposable phone number app, with a handful of new features that'll make it easier for users to manage their calls and text messages.

Burner is a disposable phone number app that debuted on iOS in early 2012. It climbed in popularity on iOS, expanded to Android earlier this year and received US$2 million in VC funding to expand the service even further.

The app allows people to create a disposable number they can use to send text messages and make calls. It works just like a regular phone number, except everything is filtered through the Burner app. The latest update refreshed the app with an iOS 7 look and feel. The new design makes it easier to manage multiple burner numbers, adds phonebook lookup and improves text messaging. I've used it a few times for Craigslist sales, and it works wonderfully.

You can download Burner in the iOS App Store for free. The app doesn't cost you anything, but each Burner number requires you to purchase credits. A three-credit pack costs $1.99 and will give you a Mini Burner which lasts for 14 days and provides you with 20 minutes or 60 texts.

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