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Final Fantasy worlds collide as FFXIII's Lightning joins FFXIV

MJ Guthrie

A good share -- if not most -- of the folks playing Final Fantasy XIV are there because of previous ties to the FF franchise. And that fact is not lost on Square Enix. In fact, the studio just released a new video today showing the heroine of another Final Fantasy game joining the realm of Eorzea. While the title character of Lightning Returns: FFXIII, Lightning also appears and fights alongside players during one of A Realm Reborn's Full Active Time Events (FATE), the successful completion of which will net the player gear and weaponry modeled after those found in FFXIII.

On the flip side of this cross-promotion, Lightning Returns players can acquire new Miqo'te costumes as well as weapons and shields themed from the city-states of FFXIV: ARR. Clues for getting the costumes are hidden within the world of Nova Chrysalia and the weapons and shields are obtained by clearing side quests.

Check out the new outfit, weapons, and shields for FFXIII in the gallery below and watch Lightning join the FFXIV FATE in the trailer after the cut.

[Source: Square Enix press release]

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