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How do you choose which mount to ride?


I'm not a mount fanatic. I think it's something to do with the way I look at vehicles. I like a car that suits both my needs and my personality, but beyond that, I'm just as happy to save my money for something that really floats my boat. Vehicles -- like mounts -- are tools to me, and I just want to make a nice, solid selection and get on with more important things like what loose tea I should stock up on next or (OMG, analysis paralysis!) which vanity pet best blends the mood of the zone I'm in with the mood of the emotional state I'm in.

But mounts? I'm the one who's always on a Magnificent Flying Carpet. Always. I like my Oriental woolie. It's quite fitting for a caster, it holds good memories of laboring over creating my first one, and it's not too big. Oh, and it doesn't flap, flap, FLAP incessantly. Flapping is right out. And it doesn't bob and weave until I'm sick at my stomach. No rollercoaster mounts -- that's important, too. I guess I'm more particular about my mounts than I thought I was. /blush

What factors influence which mount you choose in any given situation? Do you like to change things up? If so, what are your criteria -- or do you like a mod that randomizes the process with a little surprise every time you mount up?

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