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Let's keep things in perspective


There's lots of reasons to not like what the designers do in WoW. There's a lot of reasons to think that their decisions don't match with your playstyle, and there's been plenty of times where the direction of the game curves such that you wonder if you're still going to want to play it. There are even times where it's a good idea to step away for a bit and hit up another title. And yes, it's okay if you decide not to play, too.

But, and this is a big but, it's not okay to flip a table over anything -- especially a small nerf. Ghostcrawler tweeted yesterday:

No matter what you think of his and his team's decisions about the direction of the game, it's critical to approach them with a level head and perspective. A 4% nerf is not going to cause you to stop having fun, and a small buff is nice, but it's realistically going to have little to no impact on your gameplay. It's not going to stop you from standing in fire; and for the vast majority of us skills like that are much more important to DPS than any buff or nerf could ever be.

So this perspective is very important to maintain, especially in a game that's been going on for eight years. Without the perspective you sound like you belong on 4chan; and with the unique access to the WoW designer's that we all have, you can't sound like you belong on /b/ if you want to be taken seriously.

Keep in mind too that Ghostcrawler's access on Twitter is something that wasn't there for a long time. And before he was on Twitter, he used to be on the forums posting -- a method of communication he was forced to abandon because of the insanity that surrounded everything he said (or more often didn't say).

So let's grab a towel and not panic about the small stuff. Save your "I'm quitting WoW" arguments for when they remove rogues in The Dark Below Heroes of the Storm. Keep your level head for the 4% nerfs.

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