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Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign breaks $20 million


The runaway locomotive that is Star Citizen's crowdfunding campaign is still chugging along at full speed, it would seem. In its most recent press release, Cloud Imperium Games has proudly announced that the game's faithful backers have broken the $20 million mark. As if that wasn't insane enough, the studio notes that of that $20 million, $10 million was raised in the past four-and-a-half months alone.

The studio's CEO, Chris Roberts, is quite pleased -- and more than a little surprised -- by the campaign's success. "Honestly, we never dreamed we'd reach this point so quickly," he says. Of course, it wouldn't have happened at all without the game's dedicated fans who Roberts calls "the best community in all of gaming."

Despite this monumental milestone, Cloud Imperium's gaze is fixed firmly ahead. The press release promises "plenty of game updates" in the near future, including "some surprise announcements" coming on October 10th.

[Source: Cloud Imperium Games press release]

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