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Cut the Rope 2 will debut before year's end


If you've been following the various iterations of Cut the Rope over the past few years, you might have been wondering if developer ZeptoLab would ever treat us to a proper sequel. Well worry no more, as Cut the Rope 2 is now officially headed our way before the end of the year. According to a press release by ZeptoLab, the new title will "re-imagine the universe" of the previous titles, and yes, main character Om Nom is indeed featured prominently.

Along with the announcement of the sequel, the company revealed that the several versions of Cut the Rope have topped 400 million downloads worldwide. According to ZeptoLab's estimates, players are now cutting ropes at a whopping 42,000 per minute.

The company (curiously) didn't reveal what systems Cut the Rope 2 will debut for, but given that the original game made a name for itself on iOS, it's a good bet that iPhone and iPad owners will be able to cut the new ropes when the game debuts this holiday season.

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