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Valve unveils awkward-looking game controller, to be compatible with all Steam games


This week, Valve gradually revealed a number of interesting new products, starting Monday with the announcement of its own dedicated Steam OS. Wednesday brought news that the company is working on a number of home "Steam Box" consoles for the living room, and today the announcements wrapped up with the reveal of an all-new peripheral its calling the "Steam Controller," which will be compatible with all versions of Steam, including Steam for Mac.

The controller is different from anything gamers are likely used to seeing, as it abandons the now-standard analog sticks of most controllers in favor of dual trackpads. How the device performs has yet to be seen -- and a total of 300 beta units will be sent out to help generate feedback -- but Valve insists it offers control accurate enough to act as a stand-in for the more traditional keyboard and mouse combination.

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