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Shroud of the Avatar dev update shows off Unity scene jam winner, collectors coin


Portalarium's latest Shroud of the Avatar dev blog is up, and its topics range from community contests to the wood grain of a miller's table. The blog introduces the Sigil of Magic, which is an artistic representation of the way Shroud of the Avatar's nine schools of magic interact with one another, along with a new official collectors coin, which will be sent out as a reward for those who backed Shroud of the Avatar at the Early Founder Collector Pledge level or above. Additionally, the blog leaps into each of the game's different crafting tables and talks a bit about their artistic influence.

The studio also used the blog to declare a winner in its recent Unity Scene Jam contest. The contest gave Shroud of the Avatar fans 48 hours to build a scene featuring a lunar rift using the Unity engine and some provided resources. The winner will receive a Knight-level pledge, a signed game box, and a Shroud of the Avatar t-shirt. Check out the scene in a dev-hosted video after the break.

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