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Ubisoft 'not ruling out' Rayman Legends for 3DS

Just because Rayman Legends has already launched on most modern platforms doesn't mean you should rule out its eventual jump to the 3DS, Ubisoft executive Alain Corre told CVG last week.

"When you look at Rayman Legends you see it's a very big game with a lot of levels," Corre said. "It takes time to squeeze everything and downsize it into other formats." Corre's statements toward a 3DS version were more of a musing than a confirmation, however, as he added that Ubisoft can't "say anything for the moment, but we can't rule the format out."

The 3DS version of Rayman Origins launched six months after the game's initial launch on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Considering Legends just launched weeks ago, Ubisoft has plenty of time to follow suit with its hypothetical port to the 3DS.

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