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Around Azeroth: A fish to be feared


"Having recently been afflicted by Soul Split: Evil after using my engineering transport to Toshley's Station, I went to my seaside lab and caught a piranha," writes submitter Sheehun of Guildless Noobs on my old stomping ground of Magtheridon (US-A). "I then fused it with an undersea diver and equipped it with two genetically modified living torpedoes. I named it Susan. It is a terror of the deep that will soon be as feared as the Whale Shark and Kraken of legend." He explained that in reality, this was just a skillful use of the Cursed Swabby Helmet, transmogrified Lobstmourne fist weapons, and the Hook of the Master Angler, but who has time to think about all that when you're being attacked by a torpedo piranha?

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