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Dead Rising 3 producer: No two zombies are the same


Dead Rising 3's zombies are beautiful and unique snowflakes, each bloodied and gussied up in different ways. Capcom Producer Mike Jones told CVG that players will never see the same two zombies twice.

"It's all procedurally generated: hair styles, clothing, colors, textures," Jones said. "And the gore is, too: missing jaws, missing eyes ... it's all totally dynamic. That's a whole system that we built. We didn't just model the zombies, we had to model the pieces and the system puts them together."

Each location in Dead Rising 3's open world is also unique, Jones said.

"You're looking at more custom work and less reuse," he said. "We're not using the same textures over and over again, nor are we using the same geometry over and again. Every building and every interior in Dead Rising 3 is handmade and handcrafted."

Dead Rising 3 is exclusive to Xbox One and launches in November. It features a massive overworld, classic Nightmare mode, up to 10 endings, online co-op and whatever crazy weapons of zombie torture you can concoct.

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