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Not So Massively: Star Citizen hits $20m, LoL semi-finals, and Diablo III to cap stats


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Star Citizen hit the $20 million crowdfunding mark this week and announced that its $22 million goal will be for the purchase of equipment to capture actors' faces and put them in-game. Diablo III site Diablofans found more juicy hints about the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion in its latest datamining attempt, and developers have opened a discussion on the problems caused by low character health pools. Path of Exile released patch 0.11.6 this week, adding in the new Lightning Trap and Smoke Mine skill gems and rebalancing existing traps and mines. After laying off 10% of its staff, Firefall developer Red 5 Studios has released a new optional subscription package that grants bonus Crystite, manufacturing slots, and marketplace slots.

The semi-finals of League of Legends' Season Three World Championship took place this weekend, ending with Korean favourite SK Telecom T1 and Chinese team Royal Club advancing to the grand final to compete for the million-dollar top prize. Frustrated with the difficulty of learning to use Pudge's Meat Hook ability, a Dota 2 player has developed a standalone mini-game designed to let players train to aim the ability. Classic DC Comics character Catwoman was added to Infinite Crisis as a playable avatar this week, and award-winning Russian MOBA Prime World is now on Steam despite missing its intended mid-September Steam release date.

Star Citizen title image
Star Citizen accrued another million dollars this week like clockwork, bringing the game's crowdfunding total to over $20 million. This goal unlocks first person combat on select lawless planets in addition to the previously revealed battles on space stations.

When the previous stretch goal was reached, the question of whether to keep adding additional features was put to a community poll. An overwhelming 87% of fans said they'd like the crowdfunding effort to continue, and the first additional stretch goal has now been revealed. If the game reaches the $22 million mark, it will pay for a facial capture studio to increase the fidelity of the game's face animation. Though the game is still in the early stages, developers put together the awesome teaser video below composed of in-engine footage.

Diablo III title image
Diablofans has datamined the latest test realm update for Diablo III and found a huge stash of potential upcoming changes. It appears that key damage stats such as critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and attack speed will now be capped at certain levels to prevent ridiculous scaling up of damage with increased gear quality. This combines with loot changes on the console version of the game to give us our first possible glimpse at what the upcoming Loot 2.0 update for PC might entail. Also discovered in the game files is a huge list of what appear to be new bonuses to individual skills given by legendary items.

With development on the Reaper of Souls expansion heavily underway, this week developers have been asking the community for feedback on two critical issues. Travis Day discussed the Paragon 2.0 system, and Wyatt Cheng began an in-depth discussion on player health pools and the spikiness of incoming damage. The current state of affairs is that many characters' builds can be killed in just a few hits and either avoid damage entirely or rely on rapid healing from stats like lifesteal or life on hit to mitigate it. Wyatt believes that this isn't healthy for the game, and is currently investigating solutions.

Path of Exile title image
Path of Exile's patch 0.11.6 went live this week, rebalancing several skill gems and adding a few more. The new intelligence and dexterity based Lightning Trap and Smoke Mine skills are now live, and can be paired with the new Multiple Traps support gem. All traps and mines have had their durations standardised to 30 seconds as part of the change, and the mines will now automatically die if the player that created them travels a significant distance away from them.

Firefall title image
Firefall was originally designed to be a free-to-play game, but this week developer Red 5 Studios began experimenting with the business model by adding an optional subscription service called the VIP Program. The subscription can be purchased with the game's microtransaction currency in durations of 1, 3, 7, 30, 180, or 365 days, and it offers a 50% boost to Crystite found, two extra manufacturing slots, and eight extra marketplace slots. Red 5 also caused some concern this week when it let go 10% of its staff, but it clarified that most of the staff were working on the company's video channel and Firefall's development should be unaffected.

League of Legends title image
The semi-finals of the League of Legends World Championship got underway this weekend, with tournament favourite SK Telecom T1 defeating fellow Korean team NaJun Black Sword to secure a spot in the finals. After a successful run throughout the group stages, European team Fnatic lost its own semi-final match against Chinese team Royal Club. Next week's grand final will see SK Telecom T1 face off against Royal Club to decide who walks away with the Season Three World Championship title and the top prize of $1,000,000 US.

North American favourite Team Solo Mid was unceremoniously knocked out of the competition after losing six of its eight matches, and so didn't even make it to the quarter finals. Massively's resident League of Legends expert Patrick Mackey found many of this year's matches underwhelming until the quarter finals hit, blaming the round robin match approach and extended group stages.

Dota 2 title image
Any Dota 2 player who's played Pudge will know how successfully predicting enemy movements and landing a Meat Hook on target can really turn a game around. Unfortunately, the only way to become a good shot with the Meat Hook is to play games and miss a lot of shots, which might not look too good in your stats. Now a player has stepped up to solve this problem with his new Meat Hook Trainer mini-game. The web-application was developed in Unity and has been praised for having a very similar feel to the real game.

Infinite Crisis title image
Turbine added yet another classic DC Comics character to its upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis this week with the introduction of the original Catwoman. A money-hungry thief, Catwoman benefits from reduced skill cooldowns every time she picks up a coin and her melee attacks also cause bonus coins to spawn nearby. She can use her whip to deal damage at long range or trip opponents to slow them.

Her Acrobat skill performs a short vault that can help her escape or chase down fleeing champions, and also adds bonus attack damage to encourage players to use it often. Catwoman's ultimate ability, the aptly-named Bad Kitty, adds a short-duration bleed to each of her basic attacks and skills and significantly buffs her Acrobat ability.

Prime World title image
If you've been following Russian castle-building MOBA Prime World, you've probably noticed that it didn't release on Steam in mid-September as intended. Some players have been experiencing problems with the launcher when launching the game from Steam, and developers have asked for the community's help in reporting the problem in order to make a good first impression at launch. You can download Prime World on Steam now by explicitly searching for it by name, but the game won't become visible in the global game lists until it officially launches.

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