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The Secret World disqualifies contest winner, issues revote


We have a winner! Or... not. After announcing that a Victorian-themed outfit took the top prize of The Secret World's costume contest, Funcom has disqualified the winner due to a rule violation and restarted the voting process.

"As a result of further investigation following our 'Get your art in the game' contest conclusion, we have eliminated the winning entry as disqualified," the studio posted today. "It has been brought to our attention that Mirura is connected with one of our affiliates, and thus does not qualify for this contest as per our terms and conditions. We deeply regret any confusion or inconvenience this has caused. While we know that many of you really did like the fantastic design that she submitted, we must adhere to the rules to be fair to all of our contestants."

The revote will include the previous nine entries for both male and female outfits as well as a new 10th entry to fill in the gap. Check them out and enter your vote, as the winning design will be included in the game.

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