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Pre-order Destiny and get beta early access


Bungie is not-so-subtly nudging players in the direction of the Destiny pre-order by offering one tantalizing morsel: early access to the game's beta. By pre-ordering Destiny, players will get a code that will get them into the beta when it starts up in early 2014. Previous pre-orders will automatically receive beta codes as well.

There's a bunch of fine print to this one, so keep on reading. First of all, you'll need to pre-order at a participating retailer: Amazon (US and UK), Best Buy (US), Gamestop (US), Walmart (US), Smyths (UK), Tesco (UK), or Blockbuster (UK). The studio further requires that you have either a PS4, PS3, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 as well as a account.

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