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Ubisoft acquires Hungry Shark dev Future Games of London


Ubisoft announced today that it has acquired Future Games of London, a prolific mobile game developer with a string of free-to-play hits in its app catalog.

Future Games of London found its biggest success with the Hungry Shark series, which was bolstered post-launch by the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week event in 2011. The most recent entry in the series, Hungry Shark Evolution, has been downloaded over 25 million times across iOS and Android platforms. Future Games of London also developed the popular iOS billiards sim Pool Bar: Online Hustle, along with the arcade-style action game Grabatron.

"The decision to sell is always a difficult one, especially when we have built so much success as an independent company, with our own IP and a direct relationship with our players," the studio states at its website. "However, as we grow the team and as the mobile free-to-play industry around us evolves, we want to be in a position to place bigger bets on better games. Being part of Ubisoft's family gives us the support, experience, marketing and resources we need to make a very big impact with our future titles."

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