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Hulu Plus iOS app adds support for Chromecast streaming


Owners of Google's Chromecast media-streaming stick can now stream Hulu content from Hulu Plus on the iPad to the Apple TV competitor. Announcing the move on Google's official blog, the company said:

Hulu has added Chromecast support to their Hulu Plus app -- just in time for the fall television season. Now you can easily enjoy your favorite shows, such as Modern Family, New Girl and Parks and Recreation, on your big-screen TV by casting from Hulu Plus on your mobile phone or tablet. It's the same intuitive, remote-free experience you've come to enjoy with the other Chromecast-supported apps, and is as simple as pressing the Cast button which will now appear in the app.

For now, only iPad users can stream content to the Chromecast from Hulu Plus, but Google says support will soon be coming for iPhone users as well. Hulu Plus is a free download. Google's Chromecast costs US$35.

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